The benefits of the dog-human relationship

The benefits of the dog-human relationship

Dogs became man’s best friend as early as 15,000 years ago. “As we became friends with them, they became friends with us, and we have a dependency that’s charming,” Bill Nye, science guy and lover of all good dogs “It’s enriched both the dog lives and the human lives.

Dogs Can Make You Healthier

Dog owners are 54% more likely to get the recommended amount of exercise than their non-dog owning counterparts. As a result, and due to a stronger immune system many dog owners see a decrease in blood-pressure, triglycerides and cholesterol levels, making them less at risk for heart-disease.

Dogs Can Make You Happier

Dog owners are less likely to be depressed and have higher levels of serotonin and dopamine than non-dog owners, mainly due to the fact that dogs are calming. Dogs are natural conversation starters which promotes social interaction even for shy dog owners. The more social interaction you have, the more likely you are to engage in fulfilling relationships with people that make you happy.

Dogs Can Keep You Safe

Barking dogs help deter burglaries and other violent attacks. A dogs’ natural instinct is often to protect their home and family. Just having Fido around can help put your mind at ease, something that helps both your mental and physical health.



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