Building strenth and endurance through Walking workouts - 40 steps fast, 40 steps regular pace- for total of 40 minutes

Al Roker has encouraged many to walking challenges to build strength, endurance and weight loss. Take a walk today! I challenge you to start with walking for 40-60 minutes a day. You might decide to do these walks every day or start with every other day and then gradually increase your walking to daily. 

To start out by walking 40 steps regular pace, then count 40 steps at a fast pace. Continue these alternating paces for a total walk of 40 minutes.  You will experience some deeper breaths during the fast pace, but then go back to alternating 40 steps regular pace.  You will definitely notice that it takes more energy and after a week or two you will definitely notice it is getting easier as you build your endurance! So you may decide to increase the fast pace walking to a run!

The benefits of a program like this is not only increasing strength but also your endurance builds as you notice your performance is easier and your breathing improves. This fast pace/walking pace method prevents you from getting exhausted and thus quitting!!

Challenge yourself and take a walk today!  By taking a regular 40 step walk pace with 40 steps done at a good clip, you recoup your energy and can keep going for longer periods of time. Your benefits will include building strength and endurance, along with weight loss.  To avoid injury- consider getting a good quality pair of shoes. "It’s amazing the confidence level people get as they keep increasing their distances.” 

Challenge yourself and take a walk today!!  Get some friends or family to join you as well, so you create a real support team.